The Massive Evolution Of The Stock Photography Industry

Apr 23, 2017

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Majority of us in the personal level and various creative agencies have been searching for stock photography in order to use them in various projects every now and then. The professional graphic designing and creative agencies use stock photos almost every day for their designing needs. Stock photography has provided the license of using a large pool of images for marketing and design needs without involving into expensive and time consuming photo shoots. 

Stock photography has a huge significance in various areas of work. They can be used by the designers of various levels, by ad agencies for creating ads for the print media, by television stations for preparing the commercials, by bloggers to make photo illustrations and also by the common men who may be in need to use the stock photos for accomplishing a personal project. Over the years, the usage of stock photography has indeed become more commonplace. 

The stock photography industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and now people have a wide range of options for finding the right images for their projects. Here is a brief discussion on the overall stock photography industry and its future. 

Stock Photography’s History 

The stock photography industry is growing with time with the launch of several stock photography agencies. The concept of stock photography was first coined and introduced in the year 1920 and it is an innovative way of sharing the "outtakes” or the large pool of high quality unused images from various commercial photo shoots. It has been found that there are thousands of left over images that can be very well used for various fruitful purposes. Hence, the concept of stock photography was introduced. 

The stock photography industry started growing in the mainstream market since the 1980’s and prosperity started to strike this industry since then. There are numerous advertising agencies which started fetching photos for the clients’ works for several reasons when a photo shoot is not possible. Most of the time, a photo shoot is not feasible due to lack of budget and money. Then the ad agencies resort to stock images to serve the purpose. 

The creative Ad agencies refer to "outtake catalogues” almost every day to access the unused images from various other commercial photo shoots with the hope of finding a relevant image for their project. Once they find an image which suits their requirements, they can purchase the image at a very cost-effective price which is very less as compared the cost of performing a custom photo shoot.

While most of the photographers and ad agencies have their own catalogues, it has now become a trend to share these catalogues with others who can opt to purchase these images as per their needs by paying a royalty. 

It was during the 1980’s, it was noticed that there were several photographers who made a living by stock photography rather than paid for one-off commissioned photo shoot for a specific project. This particular approach became very popular among the photographers as this has given them a consistent way of earning money. 

With the advent of the web, there has been introduction of various photography sites which made the accessibility of the stock photos more accessible to large number of audience across bigger geographies. The best stock photo websites are making it easier for several people to access them and purchase them online. 

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Today’s Scenario of Stock Photography 

Since the beginning of 2000’s, there have been a launch of numerous and best stock photography websites that played a very customized role in catering to the needs of the freelance and independent photographers to market their works. These stock photography websites are very effectively crowdsourcing the efforts to encourage the photographers to upload their works in this site for sale. 

Stock image websites also have done the desired groundwork for various other libraries maintaining stock assets like the design elements, stock fonts, code and pattern, vectors etc. 

In today’s world, stock photography is being used massively for different reasons and for variety of purposes. The time and budget constraints most of the times force the marketers, designers and ad agencies to use stock photography websites in order to find out an image which absolutely suits their needs. Also there are numerous individuals and freelancers who find custom photography to be very expensive and thus very conveniently opt for stock photos. 

Future of Stock Photography Industry 

Stock photography will certainly witness a massive boost and it is not slated to slow down any time soon. There will be more spurt of various stock photography websites and there will certainly be more people using the stock photos for various purposes. 

The experts predict that the stock imagery is heading towards artistic, premium quality and unique photos that very effectively utilize the various lighting, angels, subject matter, scenery and style. 

There will certainly be more options and varieties in terms of the stock photographs’ design aesthetic and style and also towards implementation of more technology in hosting the images. There are several large stock photo websites that are seriously curating towards higher quality and custom looking stock images that suits the customers’ need in a better way. 

The availing of the stock photos are also becoming more affordable day by day due to the implementation of technology and the less cost of hosting them through web. Also the camera technology have highly evolved and is becoming more and more affordable with time. The affordability of clicking high quality images and sharing those in the stock photography websites is leading to less pricing of the stock photos to the customers. 

Also this is to be noticed that the advent of stock photography will not at all eliminate the requirement of custom photo shoots. Custom photo shoots will still remain prevalent for various large scale requirements. In the future, the blend of the stock photography and custom free photography would lead to achieve the much wanted final results for the marketers, designers and creative ad agencies. 

So, access the image gallery of the stock photography websites and simply download them with an affordable cost. You are now ready to safely use the purchased image for your project. 

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