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Online Website Builders – The End of the Designer?

Mar 16, 2016

Years ago, people either learnt website design skills so that they could put together their own websites or paid experts to do it for them. Sometimes it was a long and tedious process and it could be very expensive. There are still people that do this, but there is becoming less and less need for it as things have moved on. This means that it is now much easier for people to be able to set up their own websites which look professional but are made for free.

The main reason for this is the online website builders that are now available to use. Many of these are free to use as well, which means that even the smallest of businesses can use them. Although some people do choose to add complex code to add things to the sites which are beyond the basics, many people do not bother with this and still end up with a really professional website. Some people also choose to pay for a website builder, but this is still likely to be a lot cheaper than paying a professional website designer to do the job for you.

Simplicity Is The Key

The website builders are usually simple to use but also have tutorials on how to do things. It is also easy to search online if you have questions about how to use them. This means that you can find out how to do anything that you wish on your website. Even if you are not technical you will be able to grasp how to use it because it is similar to using a word processor or database. You can save things in draft so they do not have to be published right away which gives you a chance to check that everything works and looks right before you launch.

There are many advantages to this as well as it costing less. It means that it is much easier to edit the website as well. If you have designed it, then you will know what you did and what you need to do to make changes. You can even let other people have access to certain areas and make changes too, perhaps like adding blog articles. Once someone is used to using a sight designed in a certain website builder then they will be able to make changes to any site. It is possible for the administrator to give different permissions to different users so that they can protect certain areas of the site from accidental changes being made.

Before using one of these though it is important to consider whether it is right for you. Obviously it will take time to learn how to use a website builder and to get the look that you want from a page when you use one. You may decide that you want a certain look or certain features but find that the builder limits you and you are not able to do it or that you cannot find out how to do it. A website designer would be able to do anything that you wanted. So you will need to make the decision as to which is the right option for you. It may be determined by budget as much as need though.

Should Web Designers Be Worried?

If you are a web designer then you would be right to be worried about this growing use of website builders. Many small companies would have used web designers in the past to build them a website and they can now do it themselves. Bigger companies would employ website designers directly rather than using contractors and so there may not be many vacancies for web designers. It is probably medium sized companies, that are looking for complex and unique websites but cannot afford to employ a web designer full time, who would use them.

This is great news for small businesses though. It means that they can produce a professional website themselves without having to pay out much money. They can then save this money and spend it on advertising or investing back in the business and it should help them to grow more quickly. Having more control over the content of the website and being able to make instant changes also means that small companies will be able to have a better chance of thriving and competing online.

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