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Web Designs for Businesses: From a Communication, Training and Marketing Perspective

Sept 13, 2016

The business world is one where success can come at any time. If you started out as a small business and are debating about making a move up, then you’re going to have to begin thinking about designing a site that will have more than one or two people logging into it. There is much more to running a successful medium-sized business than selecting good staff and selling good products. 

You’re going to have to design a site that contains a system that can be used and accessed across many different areas by many different people on both the customer and the business side. The sorts of things you need to consider are varied and should be looked at in steps. The most important thing about designing an employee section of a website is understanding that uniformity is key. Every person on your team needs to go through the same basic training and have the same final understanding of your product. By making sure everyone from marketing to design understand the common goal you can keep conflicts to a minimum.



Your business may have started out of your home, moved to a rented office space, and now you have employees all over the world. That means you’re going to have to set up a simple, easily accessible way for them to communicate with each other. Thankfully, you can design a good employee portal by using elements from many different types of services. Video conferencing solutions can be placed in one section with links, log-ins, and all relevant information while you can also have an email portal that’s provided by a site like Google or Yahoo.

Many larger scale companies have realized that small business web design is a huge market with a great deal of growth potential. That means they are working to be accessible and affordable. Once you have a list of ways for your employees to communicate you need to figure out a way to display uniform information.


Ensuring your customers get a uniform experience is paramount when building your company. The experience your customers have, and their comments about you to friends and family can make or break your business. This is true no matter the size of your business, but it rings especially true with budding corporations. That means that when you are designing your employee portal area you need to do more than give them links and emails. You need to outline a uniform training area that answers their questions even if time zones make it difficult for you to answer them in person.

Little things need to be outlined in detail not only for your customer’s benefit, but for your employees as well. Something as simple as using two different types of email could trip up both your client and your employees during a meeting. While you’re designing the employee section of your website, you want to make sure you outline what your preferred products are, how to install and use them, and perhaps give some explanation as to why you’ve chosen to do things the way you’re doing them.

After you’ve outlined software, you can take the time to set up scripts, contact numbers, and link up videos that contain other training materials. You want your employees to be comfortable communicating for you and your business. So should cover every training base you can think of. Not only will this uniformity do you well as your company grows, it will make maintaining a level of quality easier by removing outliers.

Marketing and Design

You also need to make sure you design the employee end of your business’s website to be friendly to all users. This will include your employees. Make sure that each one can access your website. That means when you design you need to keep in mind different types of systems, operations, and devices. You want your website to work as well on a small Linux-based machine as it does on a large Windows one. Try to get your employees to regularly try all aspects of your website so you will know what parts of your design you need tweak and which ones are working.

Working with your marketing and design branches as one entity is going to ensure that you stick with products that are beneficial to you. Doing so will also allow you to cut out things that are not working as smoothly as you would have otherwise hoped. The design of your website must be smooth and cater to the vast array of clientele you wish to attract. If your designer has sat in with your marketer in enough conferences and gone through the same basic training then they will know what the endgame is and help you work to that final result.

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