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Building a Great Website

Feb 13, 2016

Sometimes, learning how to do something well is best achieved through learning from other people’s mistakes. The best website builder skills can often be obtained from just seeing what makes you cringe when you land on horrible websites, and then do the exact opposite. What makes a bad website and how can we avoid those mistakes?


Out of Date Design

The days of standard HTML design are over. There is no excuse for bad web design in this day and age. Distasteful choice in colors, fonts, and page layout is an instant reason for visitors to skip over your web page and go somewhere else. These days, web design is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing web design, which has been created with various screens resolutions and browsers in mind. If you are not the best at creating up-to-date and good looking web sites, it is best to hire a professional.

Spelling and Grammar

Bad spelling and incoherent sentence structure is another major turn off, which can make visitors leave and sales be lost. Your website is your virtual representative. Under no circumstances should you simply upload a piece of writing, no matter how trivial it may be, without triple checking it.

Annoying Add-ons

Nobody likes having ten different forms of multimedia thrown at their faces when they land on a page. The worst nightmare of a browser is to land on a page that has loud music blaring as soon as the page loads, big flashy pop ups being thrown into their faces, and strange confetti animations all over the screen. Your website is not a birthday party; it is a source of information. It doesn’t mean that you should build a dry, boring website, but choose the extra media you need, and use it sparingly and tastefully.


Keep the advertisements on a down low. Loading a web page which greets you with advertisements and pop-up windows as soon as you land on the site is not a good sign. Advertisements are a good source of making extra money, but chances are, if the number of ads you use on your website are that high, you are either over working your website and will burn it down soon enough, or you are doing something seriously wrong in other aspects of your website for which you need to over compensate through ridiculous advertising.

Sloppy Navigation

Dead links are not fun. Not being able to find how to go to the home page, not fun. No contact information page? Also not nice. Make sure that the navigation on your website is easy and visible. Test your page in and out, trying every single possible link or action that a client could think to make, before you make your page go live.

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