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How to “Design” the Content of Your Website

Jan 13, 2017

Every web designer should pay attention at the appearance of the texts that he or she posts, because the content is one of the things that the readers interact with the most. It is no secret that your job is to make life easier to your audience and therefore every aspect of your website must be carefully designed. In case you wanted to learn more about this topic, the following lines will guide you into conceiving a marvelous appearance for the texts of your website.

First of all let’s talk a little bit about the content of your texts and articles. Wilkie Collins said about the nineteenth-century fiction writing that it should: "Make’em laugh, make’em cry, make’em wait!” Well, this is what your content should be like in order to be successful and to attract numerous readers.

They should create laughter, in the sense that your text should combine in a magnificent manner the seriousness of the topic, with the comical effect. Insert a joke here and there and help your readers loosen up, because they want to relax when they are sitting in front of the computer.

Okay, your visitors should not cry when they are reading your texts, but they should be able to feel touched and impressed, if the content presents a humanitarian case or a touching story. However, you shouldn’t be too sentimental, or your readers will loose their interest.

And as far as the "make them wait” aspect is concerned you should write your content in a manner that will make your readers become anxious about your future posts. Try to make them "vicious” about your novelties and you will manage to have a successful website.

However, apart from the content of your articles, you should make sure that the texts are easy to read. Nothing annoys more a person than the inability to read something that they need or are interested in. In this respect, there are various techniques you could use, just to make sure that your readers feel comfortable every time they access your website:

1. Choose a nice typeface.

There are many fonts that simply irritate people just because the letters are too tangled and they make it impossible to read the information. I know that you want to impress everybody and that you desire the design of your website to be extremely special, but sometimes it is best to keep it simple, in order to make your readers stay. But, if you are keen on becoming famous for trying bold features, you should use them on something else other than your text.


2. Pick the right colors.

You want your website to transmit certain feelings to your readers and as a result you choose various colors that will make them feel happy, relaxed or serious. It’s a good thing to play with colors, but you will have to remember that if you won’t make the right decision as far as your texts are concerned your readers won’t be happy, since their eyes will start to feel exhausted and fatigued. Go for colors that will make the information pop, because this is what interests people.

3. Increase the font size.

Show to your visitors that you respect them by increasing the size of the font. This gesture of yours will make their eyes feel "happy”, since they won’t have to force themselves to read certain passages. Anyway, do not exaggerate as far as this issue goes, or you will end up with a totally unattractive web design. Try various sizes and ask other opinions, in order to make sure that you are doing a nice job.

4. Organize your paragraphs.

My advice for you would be to pay attention at the appearance of the text sections as well. Do not go for extremely long units, or your readers will become bored. Try to create symmetry, as far as this matter goes and your texts will become a lot easier to read.

5. Headings.

This has a lot to do with organization. The headings are important if you want your readers to get a glimpse of the issue that certain paragraphs deal with. Thus, the headings will make it easier for your readers to get the info and to use your website. As a result, every web designer should remember to insert and to use something like this, because it is mandatory for a better utility of the website.

Besides having an interesting content and being easy to read, your texts must follow the design you have picked for your website. Thus, it should match the other features your website contains, because it is important to create harmony and balance. You want everybody that accesses your website to feel as if they have landed in a safe and full of advantages place. So, let’s say that you have decided to go for a romantic design; well your font could follow this theme, as long as it doesn’t bother the eye. The same goes for the colors as well, they must match the web design you have decided to create, but at the same time they shouldn’t become a burden for your readers’ eyes.

So, as you can see the main idea is that the design of your texts should be friendly to your visitors’ eyes. And it is understandable why. If your visitors must read a lot, they desire to do it comfortably and in a manner that won’t affect their sight. Once you have acknowledged this, your website will become a hit, since your audience will feel that you care for them. Therefore, this design is not only about technical things, but also about respect that you must show to the people that visits your website.


In conclusion, when you will think about the design of your text you should take into consideration the other design features you have used so far, the quality of the content and the readability. Make sure that your texts look neat, organized and appealing and you will have visitors galore.

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