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Which Firms are the Top Web Design Companies Right Now?

Nov 16, 2015

The top web design companies in the world are responsible for some of the most impressive websites ever made. Great web design is essential these days and an inspiring or memorable web design can mean everything to people searching the web. Countless businesses are in fact run primarily through their websites, whether they are accessed with a PC, tablet or mobile device. Most new companies tend to in fact be successful websites that enter the mainstream business world. Notable recent examples of course include Facebook, Google, Amazon.com and eBay. With this in mind, it is time to take a look at some of the top web design companies.

First is Hudson Horizons. This is a web design company based in New Jersey since 2003. Like most top web design companies they develop for many forms of media including PCs, tablets, mobile phones and more. Shulman Law Group, StartUp Valley and Duralee are just a few of their clients.

Another very well respected firm is a New Orleans based company. Forix Web Design is a web design company that has worked for a number of high profile companies. First and foremost are Adidas, as well as New Seasons Market, Ninkasi and 5 Star Sports.

Staying in the South, another of the top design companies is Creative Momentum. This company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is one of the most well-known of established web design companies. Known for a more creative approach to web design, they have created many web pages that use more imagery than text to try and direct the user. This has included services such as Sticker Shark, Mind Center, and fee. Even their portfolio is different as it is not set up traditionally, but instead has several of their work’s most notable designs to see as you scroll down the page.

Clicks Creative is a web design company with over 250 works in their portfolio. With such a high volume of clients, they have shown a wide variety of clients in energy, healthcare, marketing and many other industries. Some of their many clients include Georgetown University, Hill Snow don Foundation, J/Hadley and Sustainable Capital Advisors.

Czarina Interactive is next on this list of well renowned top web design companies. Having designed sites for Cameron’s Coffee, AAA Movers and Bone Foam, Cazarin has been recognized for its work with hundreds of clients. One of the longest existing companies, the portfolio for this company is quite extensive and rather impressive.

Skuba Design however has one of the most impressive portfolios of all of these companies. Their work includes Audi, Comcast, AOL, Delta, Motorola, Discovery Channel, Monster Energy Drinks, Volkswagen, Verizon and Toshiba. The portfolio seems to speak for itself. While other design companies on this list are great, it seems Skuba has quite the most impressive portfolio, especially when compared to others. Whereas the majority of most other design companies’ portfolio is principally made up of impressive designs from smaller companies and organizations Skuba’s is of a more mainstream company and certainly a leader in their field.

It is worth noting that while these are some of the top web design companies, there are so many more that do great, and recognizable, work. Often web design companies will be greatly spread out, as there is such a large demand for web design in the modern business world. Without so many different web design options there would be no way to meet the demand of so many businesses.

It is also of note that many companies hire web designers themselves to make their own in house teams, leading to web design teams to be created within a company itself, something that is the case for many Fortune 500 companies.  This will often allow for a web designer to be more directly involved in the project, by being hired by the company directly and working in teams of other talented graphic designers.

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