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Basic – But Helpful – Web Design Software Reviews for Beginners

May 13, 2017

In the current state of the internet it is not overly hard to create one’s own website, especially as there are lots of softwares available to help you. However it is best to be careful with what software you will use. The wrong software could mean the design will come out looking unprofessional and amateurish, or your site will end up being cumbersome and hard to update.  Web design software reviews can aid the aspiring web designer in finding the right programs. So for the beginning web designer, here are a few web design software reviews

First is a very strong candidate, Serif Webplus X6. Webplus is a both a good starting point for beginner web designers and veterans alike. It has useful extras like Twitter and Facebook live feeds, a big plus in the Age of Social Media. Google functions such as Maps, YouTube and AdSense are all supported. It supports creation of both mobile and PC versions of sites as having a mobile site is increasingly important to cater to a website’s whole audience.  The drawing functions of it are tricky but not restrictive, allowing for decent graphical design. 

The basics of WebPlus X6 are very easy to learn, as it is essentially a very graphic editor, heavy on drag and drop capabilities. It is reasonable that someone with little to no HTML knowledge can create a competent website using the software. In addition specific step-by-step walkthroughs of adding certain features, such as social media interactivity are included. However it is worth noting that Webplus X6 is Windows PC only, and is not natively available for either Mac or any Linux distribution. In addition, templates are rather limited. 

Despite this, those provided are professionally designed for both PC and mobile use. It is also worth noting these templates are not required and the user is free to create their own design. Pricing can vary but X6 can be purchased for about 60-70 dollars, with older versions being significantly cheaper. 

The next of these web design software reviewsis likely the most well-known web design program, WordPress. WordPress has become the go-to software for most beginning web designers. WordPress loosely resembles a Microsoft Office setup, complete with hundreds of specialized templates and drag-and-drop capabilities. Using WordPress even an amateur web designer can put together a competent web site in just a few hours. 

Many widgets are available to add to your WordPress website, in addition to multiple formatting options. In addition, both a visual and HTML editor modes are available and can be switched to in the middle of editing. 

WordPress will host your website for you, making it both a web site designer and a web host. This is only an option for those not looking for their own URL though. Most people would be better off hosting a WordPress application themselves, as that not only allows them to use their own domain name but also access to a lot more tools and templates. 

However you choose to use it, as a free hosted option or a self-hosted site, is an excellent choice for a beginning designer and does not require a download. This means it can run on virtually any operating system that supports the website. There are some great tracking tools are available with WordPress that allow the user to see and analyze web traffic coming to the site and the ease of updating such a site. 

The last of these web design software reviews is WebEasy Professional. The software, like WebPlus, has a nice, simple graphic interface as well as an HTML editor. It also boasts over 600 templates. It also has a very wide feature set, with Flickr, YouTube and multiple Google tools making up only a portion of the supported features. 

In addition there are thousands of completely free to use images included with the software, in addition to access to an online gallery, something that is a huge money saver.  Without sacrificing ease of use WebEasy also brings many professional tools to the table as well. The pricing is at about 50 dollars but is again only available natively on Windows PCs. 

These are just a few web design software reviews to point out some of the favorite software’s in use today. It is important study the pros and cons of each software when determining which program will work best for you.

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