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Exploring the Best Online Web Design Courses

Mar 17, 2017

Web design is a service that is, these days, always in high demand. As any business grows it will need its websites to grow as well, with redesigns and additions. As new businesses spring up there will be need for still more web designers. So to accommodate such an in demand industry many online web design courses have been made available to potential web designers. 

It is worth noting that online web design courses are not necessarily required to gain certification and begin working in the industry. It is possible to become a web designer through physical classes or even through simple perseverance and a great portfolio. However, it does seem that online web design courses are the most convenient way to start on the path to becoming a web designer. So with this in mind we will now take a look at some of the best web design courses and course programs. 

As with a lot of academic programs it matters where you go. This means that employers and clients will tend to choose candidates who received training from the best schools. So who are the best schools? These are a few of the schools, in no special order, who offer some of the best online web design courses. 

First is a quite well advertised university, DeVry University. There are two options that are available to students here. Which you choose depends on what you will be doing and how much you are able to pay for your degree. The first option is an Associate’s degree in Web Graphic Design. This will be, as the title suggests more focused on the graphic design aspect of web design. The other option is a Bachelors Program in Web Design and Development, which will be more focused on the creation of websites and their design. Tuition here varies based on which program is selected and can range from about $39,000 to $68,000 depending on which program you choose. 

The next choice for online web design courses is The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Tuition here is more expensive at $84,600 for a 38 month program in web design. It should be noted however, that the college does offer financial aid for those in need of it. The program is designed to also allow the individual to pursue a career in graphic design or creative programming in addition to web design. 

Rasmussen College is another good iq option for online web design courses. Rasmussen is notable for having an 85% success rate for graduation and job placement. This means that employers tend to hire Rasmussen graduates fairly promptly out of college. Tuition comes in at $32,550 paid for 93 credits. This program can be specialized for animation, gaming or digital design. It is notable that several scholarships and grants are available amongst other financial aid. Rasmussen is also one of the oldest colleges on this list, existing for over 100 years. Of course, a physical program is available as well, with 22 campuses available across 5 states. 

Finally, budding web designers could also consider International Academy of Design and Technology. This too offers multiple programs, including a Bachelors program as well as an Associate’s program. A Bachelor’s program costs $63,000 while an associates is $32,000 for half of the credits of the Bachelor’s program. Financial aid is available here too for students in need of it. The school is accredited by the Commission of Independent Education. 

These are just a few programs offering online web design courses; there are still many notable schools that offer other degrees to get an aspiring web designer to begin their career. Be sure to think carefully about what the degree will mean to employers and consider where you will want to work.

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